Balance is Bliss Yoga Retreat

August 19th – 21st, 2016

It is an undeniable feeling when all areas of life feel evenly attended to. It is a blissful state when there is no specific thing that is constantly grabbing at your attention. This state of being enables us to mindfully move through our day without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. It can be somewhat elusive but ever so important to actively work towards. In this retreat we will evaluate the areas that have a tendency to shift off center and provide effective tools to bring us back! We will explore physical balance through movement: standing poses to ground, arm balances to play, and inversions to help us shift perspectives. We will have optional paddle board and acro yoga classes to playfully challenge our stability and pranayama and meditation classes to help us find mental/emotional equilibrium.  Our life is always in flux this and this blissful state will always be a balancing act. Sometimes all we need is a little perspective!


Retreat includes:

  • 3 days/ 2 nights accommodation at Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center
  • Twice daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Healthy nourishing meals
  • Optional group activities
  • Optional paddle board yoga and acro yoga

$200 non-refundable down payment reserves your spot.  Remaining balance is due by August 5th.


  • $440 – Camping
  • $500 – Group room (3-4 beds/room)
  • $530 – Double room (1 bed)
  • $540 – Double room (2 beds)
  • $640 – Single room