Class Descriptions

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi


Class is designed for those looking to refine their practice. We work on the fundamentals of yoga and introduce easy transitions and modifications for all poses.



This class introduces longer holds and a faster flow of poses. We explore strength in the physical body working up to inversions and arm balances but also delve into the mental and emotional practices of breath awareness and meditation. Appropriate for those with some yoga experience.



Restorative yoga offers soothing well supported poses providing the opportunity to savor the moment and quiet the mind. Longer held passive poses release the nervous system from old holding patterns, and stimulate the relaxation response at the deepest levels of experience.



Wake up and hit your re-set button first thing in the morning. This class focuses on linking movement with breath to align, strengthen, stretch, and connect you to your body; oxygenate your cells; cleanse your system; and revitalize your spirit. Feel challenged in an encouraging and uplifting manner and leave your mat feeling grounded and rejuvenated. Some yoga experience is recommended.



Open to all who want to feel nurtured, nourished, and refreshed. Reclaim your vitality, mobility, and energy with this restorative inspired class. This is a deep stretching class that is relaxing and quiet. Perfect those who live busy, stressful, and taxing lives who just need a little TLC. Excellent for beginners or experienced yogis.



A well-balanced flow to get you moving gently from the inside out. In this all-levels are welcome practice, we will enjoy a blend of dynamic yoga poses at a slower pace to warm up and energize the body with short spurts of intensity, interspersed with some yummy grounding, stretch it out goodness. Breathe deep, unleash your flexibility, and release any tension from your day!



This class is appropriate for anyone living with a chronic health condition or mobility differences- wheelchairs are welcome. Students who often find this class beneficial are those living with MS, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, SCI, arthritis, and COPD. The purpose of this class is to offer the healing benefits of yoga- decreased stress, increased flexibility, balance and coordination, and feeling more at home in one’s body- to those who need a more therapeutic yoga experience. This is a specialty class only available for small groups or as a private session. Please schedule by contacting the studio at 425.489.1900.



Leela yoga offers group yoga classes to organizations large and small.

As the demands of modern life and business grow, so must the attention to the well being of a company’s greatest asset: its employees.

Yoga, whether utilized as an on-site weekly offering or for a special event or retreat, is a wonderful way to mitigate stress levels, optimize health and improve the overall contentment of the workplace.

We offer a variety of classes from slow and meditative to active and energizing. Classes can be held here at the studio or onsite.

Benefits Include:

Please schedule by contacting the studio at 425.489.1900