Lydia Lagrou LMP, 500 E-RYT


500erytLydia’s love of the practice is evident through her thoughtful instruction and philosophy infused classes. Although challenging, her playful, heartfelt approach to the practice of vinyasa yoga makes it accessible to all levels.

Yoga inspires optimism, enthusiasm for life and an abundant sense of inner well-being: concepts she continually promotes through teaching classes, teacher trainings, and leading mentorship programs.

Lydia’s yoga journey began 10 years ago and since has taken her on a wild ride. She was immediately drawn to the practice after the transformational effect she felt after just one class. She pursued her 500hr yoga certification through Yoga Works. Her education continued with a spontaneous spiritual journey to India studying with Anand Mehrotra.  Interested in learning more about anatomy and physiology she graduated from Northwest School of Massage in 2012.

This journey culminating in the most recent chapter: the opening of Leela Yoga Studio in the heart of downtown Bothell.

She strives to to guide each student through safe and supportive yoga practices designed to awaken feelings of well-being, limitless possibility, intuition and playfulness.


Kimmi Jeffers 500 RYT

“Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, I grew up in the realms of competitive figure skating which initially led me into my first yoga class in 2003 for injury recovery. This first yogic experience was eye opening for me because it not only helped my injuries but gently pulled me back home to myself. Through all the ups and downs that skating and life has brought me, yoga has always been there as a trusted friend and healer. Yoga has not just been a physical “work-out” for me but an emotionally stabilizing and life-changing journey.

After completing my B.S. degree in Integrative Health from the University of Utah in 2011, I spent a couple of years developing my internal baseline at a wilderness awareness and survival school on the east coast as well as months work-trading on various farms in Hawaii. In 2013, I spent seven months performing as a professional figure skater onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Since I was living and performing on a ship, I had a lot of time to develop a more consistent daily personal yoga practice which kept me incredibly grounded and healthy during the many days at sea. Squeezed in between my years of wandering, I decided to dive deeper into my yogic practices by completing my teacher training in 2012 with D’ana Baptiste at InBody Yoga Academy where I completed my 1000 hour certification with an emphasis on yoga therapy, pranayama, hatha, vinyasa, and restore.

My classes explore the power of breath as a way to move and tap into a deeper, more subtle, place within ourselves. By practicing these various skills and techniques of yoga, I am hoping that students can settle into their authentic selves and step off their mats elevated and radiant.


Michaela Martin CYT

As an avid food lover Michaela is currently studying at Bastyr University, working towards her degree in Nutrition in their Didactics in Dietetics program with plans of becoming a Registered Dietician. She believes in the power of plant-based, whole foods to create long lasting, sustainable health. She hopes to help people find their potential through healthy food and lifestyle. When she’s not on her mat or hitting the books you can expect to find her in the kitchen creating new recipes and treats. Check out her brand new blog All Things Green for some of those delicious, healthy, easy plant-based recipes!

Michaela’s love of yoga radiates through her teaching. Her classes are powerful and energetic; she pushes people to find their edge with a gentle touch. Her thoughtful and unique sequencing combined with thorough alignment cues and fun playlists will keep you engaged, playful and on your toes throughout the class. Michaela’s classes will challenge your abilities while still remaining safe and suitable for any level.

Michaela Martin is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor who has 350 hours of training with Gopi Kinnicut and is currently working on her 500-hour certification with Tiffany Cruikshank. Michaela is certified in both Vinyasa Flow through Gopi and Yin Yoga through Joe Barnett.


Logan Brown, CYT

I love yoga! I grew up playing sports, lifting weights, breaking lots of bones, and rarely stretching. In 2012 I took up rock climbing as my main source of exercise. I quickly started developing pains in my arms after each climbing session. A friend recommended I try yoga to help with my pain, and that is where it all started. I’m happy to say that I have never once had pains in my arms after climbing since I started practicing yoga. My hips also started to open up more, and I was finding more mobility on the wall. A year and a half later, I had to quit climbing for six months because of a wrist injury. Fortunately I was still able to practice yoga. And thus began a new relationship with yoga, with my body, and with myself.

I began practicing asana every day. In July 2015, after a couple months of travel, I found myself in Thailand at a teacher training with my favorite yogi in the world, Dice Iida-Klein, and his wife Briohny Smyth. I am a graduate of the Bryce 200 hour RYT training. I have been teaching since then and plan on doing so, in some capacity, for the rest of my life.

Coming from a sports background, strength is important to me. The Bryce training focuses on powerful flow with an emphasis on inversions and arm balances. I would consider myself an inversion junkie; I would rather be on my hands than on my feet. Now my goal is to maximize the time I am able to stay on those hands! Although I love to sweat when I practice, I feel that practicing mindfully, with attention to alignment is very important. Contrary to the powerful flow I like to practice and teach, my favorite style of yoga to practice is restorative yin. Learning to sit still for long periods of time and being very attentive to what is going on in my body has taught me much more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

I teach a playful and powerful flow that is focused on building strength. What I teach comes from what I am practicing. I like to sneak yin poses into the end of some of my classes, or at least encourage surrender and relaxation through use of props. If I’m going to practice hard, and/or ask you as a student to practice hard, I want to give our bodies some reward at the end (dessert if you would like to call it that). I want to help others develop strength and practice mindfully, without injury. But most importantly I want to help people connect movement with breathe and a genuine smile. If I can help people take this smile and breathe from their mats to their everyday lives, I am fulfilling my role as a teacher.

Rebecca Burke, CYT

I have practiced yoga on and off since 2000, but I have been practicing regularly since 2012.  This is the point in my life when I recognized that when I have a regular yoga practice, I reap a myriad of benefits.  As I get older, my yoga practice becomes increasingly important.  Practicing yoga affects all aspects of life in a positive way.  Though the physical aspects were what brought me to yoga, the mental and emotional aspects have changed my life.  My love for yoga drew me to participating in yoga teacher training and I earned my 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Leela Yoga in May of 2016.  I am thrilled and honored to be teaching in Lydia’s studio!

I graduated from Creighton University with a B.S. in Physics in 1996, and from Cornell University with a Master’s in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering in 1998.  I started my professional life as an engineer, but I have taught math at the community college level since 2003, and I have coached volleyball at the high school and community college level.  Elements of teaching math and coaching volleyball are woven into my yoga teaching.  I believe that being motivating and supportive and encouraging students to reach their potential are critical in any teaching or coaching role.  I have become passionate about how yoga has affected my life that I relish sharing that passion with others.  A yoga practice can benefit anyone, and each person’s practice is highly individual and a personal journey.  I strive to help people start their own yoga journeys, find their breath, inspire them to listen actively to their own inner selves, and assist them in proceeding along their yoga paths.


Julie DiRusso PT, CYT

Julie has been practicing yoga with Lydia since 2007. She quickly became aware of its great physical benefits that could be applied to her work as a Physical Therapist, so she enrolled in the Yoga Works Teacher Training at Yoga Tree in 2008 where she received her 200 hr teacher training certificate.  She has incorporated her yoga training to her patients’ treatments and now is ready to bring her knowledge to yoga students.

Julie received her Master’s in Physical Therapy from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. She currently works with people with a variety of diagnoses in home health and hospice. Whether its working with a wheelchair bound patient with MS or a busy working mom, Julie feels that yoga can only enhance your life experience. Sometimes its just finding the right flow that works for you!

What to expect from her class? A strong flow, focusing on alignment, awareness and even a few laughs as she forgets which is her right and which is her left! The point is, is to come, experience, move and maybe have a little fun.


Kari Studley PT, DPT, RYT

Kari discovered yoga in 2012 and credits regular yoga practice as a key part of her success as a professional bike racer.  As a physical therapist at Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Kenmore, Kari enjoys integrating yoga movement concepts as part of her care approach.  She enjoys sharing her passion for movement and lifelong well-being with through yoga classes.

Kari completed her 200 hour Yoga Instructor certification through the Yoga Alliance in 2013, studying Hatha Raja style yoga through Stephanie Miller and Bamboo Moves.  She has degrees from Western Washington University (BS – Exercise and Sport Science) and Eastern Washington University (DPT).  Her cycling accomplishments include:  Masters World Cyclocross Champion, three-time U.S. National Cyclocross Champion, Single Speed Cyclocross World Champion and six-time Washington State Cyclocross Champion.

When not working, training or practicing yoga, Kari enjoys paddling with her rescue dachshund and riding bikes with her Studley husband.