Micah Youmans

Leela लीला

Sanskrit Meaning – “Divine Play, sport or pastime”. Consciously moving through the game of life.

Micah Youmans

Like many other seekers of spiritual connection, I first experienced an overwhelming sense of protection and healing after committing to a personal yoga practice. This deep sense of healing is what inspires me to become a better teacher and student of yoga.

After many years of practice, I knew the yoga path was for me, so I became 200 hr certified. I wish to spread this universal practice with as many people as possible. I teach flow, and you might even see me dance a little bit in classes. I believe in the freedom of movement and expression!

I am bilingual in Spanish and am passionate about social justice, cultural sensitivity and the earth. I am free spirited, gentle, and always looking to create meaningful relationships through yoga. If I am not on the mat, I am hiking, gardening, or painting. In my classes, I unite subtle body energy centers with physical asana to unearth and inspire the creative fire that lives in all of us. People of all incomes, abilities and genders are welcome in my classes. Come breathe in community with me! See you on the mat.