Meet Jenny

Student Spotlight

Thanks Jenny for sharing some of your favorite things about yoga!


  1. How long have you been practicing yoga?


I have practiced on and off for a few years but began practicing regularly eight months ago at Leela Yoga Studio.   Leela offered what I was looking for in my practice: A safe place to try new things, knowledgeable instructors and great students to practice alongside.


    2. What brought you to the practice?


Yoga is a great workout!   It’s challenging and quiets the mind.  I am amazed how my body has changed in the course of eight months and how much stronger I have become.


    3. What are your goals moving forward with this practice?


My greatest challenge is turning my thoughts inward while practicing yoga.  I am a research scientist and my brain is in constant motion about the external world.  I am working on turning my gaze inward more.  I would really like to do a handstand too!


    4. One piece of advice you can give to those thinking about starting a yoga practice?


Stick with it!  Yoga is so challenging, especially in the beginning.  You will think there’s no possibility of ever being able to do that difficult pose but one day you’ll feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when you do!


    5. Favorite hobby?


Yoga!  Yoga is one of my favorite things in life, alongside enjoying great food and drink and staring at mountains.


    6. What is your favorite Leela yoga memory?


I loved the Grand Re-Opening/Summer Solstice Celebration.  There was so much positive energy in the room!  We were all there to celebrate our new practice space, support Lydia and each other!


We love you Jenny.  Thanks for being a part of the Leela Yoga community!

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