FINDING YOUR VOICE: Teacher Mentorship Program

WHAT NOW? You have gone through your 200 hour teacher training yet do not quite feel comfortable as the one leading the class.  Fight or flight is our instinct when we feel threatened or insecure about our abilities.  If flight is your first response when the whole room is awaiting your next cue, then you are not alone. Public speaking can be daunting to anyone; however, being confidant in the material you present can help ease your nerves about teaching. This mentorship is for those who feel they need a refresher on the material or for those who are still finding their voice as a teacher.

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“It’s OK to get butterflies in your stomach; they key is is to learn how to make them fly in formation” -Georges St-Pierre


  • 30 hours if in class mentorship
  • Guaranteed 6 hours of teaching time (2 of which are full classes)
  • Personal teaching manual
  • You leave with a minimum of 14 unique sequences
  • Anatomical review of poses
  • Refined approach to adjustments
  • Fresh perspective of cueing poses


  • 90 min. practice teach
  • 30 min. anatomy
  • 30 min cues/theme
  • 30 min creating a sequence for the following week


  • WEEK 1 – Art of Adjustments
  • WEEK 2 – Standing Poses
  • WEEK 3 – Twists
  • WEEK 4 – Hip Openers
  • WEEK 5 – Forward Folds
  • WEEK 6 – Backbends
  • WEEK 7 – Arm Balances
  • WEEK 8 – Teaching to beginners

COST : $550

  • Next Series Begins in October 2015