Meet Micah

Teacher Spotlight

Thanks for being apart of the Leela Yoga Community!

1. How long have you been practicing yoga?

5 years. I first started my first year at university. Then I studied abroad in Mexico and lost touch with my practice, but became pretty committed a year later. I have been teaching since April.


2. What brought you to the practice?

I was dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety and wanted to understand more about my mind. I was also very attracted to the spiritual lineage of yoga, and
approached meditation as a way to connect with Spirit.


3. What are your goals moving forward with this practice?

I am loving every minute I teach and am looking to expand my teaching and offerings. I want to eventually become certified in Qigong and adapt my teaching style to work with asana and Qi. As a student, I am constantly working to get stronger and get into some of those tricky poses. Most importantly, though, I am learning to breath deeper than Iever have before (figuratively and literally).


4. One piece of advice you can give to those thinking about starting a yoga practice?

Come with an open heart and respect your body, mind and soul!


5. Favorite hobby?

When I am not practicing, I love hugging on animals, taking long walks in the forest, and cooking tasty food.


6. What is your favorite Leela yoga memory?

When I taught my first class ever back in April!  Practicing in Costa Rica by the ocean!